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4-H Bottle Drive Fundraiser

4-H Bottle Drive Fundraiser

4-H Sportfishing

There are many different fields which are considered scientific endeavors.  One of the more
diverse scientific fields is that of biology.  One particular subset of biology that I have enjoyed studying is called Ecology.  Let’s take a few minutes to explore what ecology is about.

By definition, ecology is the branch of biology that looks at how organisms relate to one another and to their physical surroundings.  Ecology can include studies about wildlife, fish, waterways, mountains, or even invasive species.  It is sort of a “big picture” science that encompasses many different collections of organisms and their surroundings (called ecosystems). 

I’d like to have a closer look at aquatic ecosystems.  Aquatic ecosystems include all water bodies and the organisms that depend on them for their survival.  Plants, insects, birds, some mammals and of course, fish are all key players in aquatic ecosystems.  Each part of the ecosystem affects every other part. 

One of the most looked at components of aquatic ecosystems is the diverse collection of fish found within them.  Fish play vital roles including the balancing of insect populations.  One of my favorite ways to observe fish is through the sport known as fishing.  Did you know that New York State Department of Environmental Conservation often uses information provided by anglers to help manage and restore fish habitats?  Did you know that just by purchasing rod and reel set ups, you are supporting DEC sponsored sport fishing restoration efforts?  It is a fact that, when done responsibly, sport fishing can be good for the environment.  Now if that isn’t good news, I don’t know what is!

In an attempt to promote responsible enjoyment of fishing, Warren County 4-H has been growing a sport fishing program.  We will also be hosting a “Catch of the Day” competition in 2016 and even participating in an event hosted by the Warrensburg Fish Hatchery in May.  (more details to follow so stay tuned).

For more information on this or other programs call 668-4881 or email Dan Carusone at